Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!! **New School Hours** Pre-Kinder  8:20-1:50                                         Kinder & 1st Grade 8:35-3:05                                2nd - 5th Grade  8:35-4:05                      *Wednesdays K-5th 8:35-3:05*

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Comstock Elementary is a STEM school that offers a modern and effective way for teaching and learning that prepares students to embark on a technological world. Comstock Elementary continues to promote student exploration and critical thinking that allows students to apply real-world applications within the classroom. 

Our STEM curriculum allows students to explore concepts and ideas based on real-world experiences which focuses on science, technology, engineering and math.  Students work on projects that can be used in understanding real-world concepts and helps them develop skills that allow them to make connections between what they learn and what they encounter in the real-world. The major focus of our STEM school is to encourage students to understand project/problem based learning (PBL) and for our teachers to use a backwards planning and curriculum design.


The vision at Comstock Elementary School is to create a safe, nurturing, challenging, and stimulating learning environment that will result in all students achieving their highest potential with all parents, teachers, students, and community members working collectively for common goals. Comstock Elementary School is strengthening the educational and social development of the multicultural community. We envision the staff to be deeply involved in continuous professional growth in order to be up-to-date with technological advances and research-based teaching and learning strategies to deliver a quality, rigorous education to all students.


The mission of Comstock Elementary School is to develop each student’s academic, social, physical, and emotional needs in an environment that fosters high self-esteem, self-motivation, and personal responsibility. On-going analysis of student data will enable the staff to evaluate the reading, writing, mathematics, science, and extra-curricular programs to monitor the progress of the whole child and to meet individual learner needs. The staff will continue to develop their professional growth through learning communities and professional reflection. Teachers and students will work collaboratively in becoming life-long learners.